Welcome to Echo Bay – Pop. 12

I first rowed into this community 10 years ago while surviving off the land for 18 months.  I never thought I would live here then, but coming to Echo Bay once a month to mail a letter home and tell my mother I was alive, was like having a birthday party and opening Christmas presents all in one day.  My friend Micah, my feral cat Scout and I were welcomed into this community with open arms and hearts.  They called us “The Kids” and it was a big news event when we were spotted rowing in from our 8-15 hour trip.  We always had exciting new stories to share.  Echo Bay is like a microcosm of humanity and a beautiful teacher, who never stops entertaining in the most wacky and wonderful ways.

When I left home for my survival trek I never dreamed I would want to stay in the wilderness when the trek was over, but I found myself crying under my favorite tree when I was saying good-bye.  The wilderness and my wild ways transformed me.  After two weeks living in my mother’s downtown apartment I was ready to return to the home I had intimately come to know and love.  For two years, I became a caretaker for a friend’s lodge, trying to reintegrate into modern life.  My longing and need for true freedom set me on my way to live my next big dream of building a log cabin.  I visited Billy Proctor, the local legend of Echo Bay and grandfather I always dreamed of having.  If anyone could give me advice on buying my first chain saw, cutting down a tree and dragging it out of the forest, Billy was the man.  After sharing my dream with him, he said, “Come on, I want to show you a place.” When we came to best view on his property, we just stood there side-by-side taking in the beautiful view.  He turned to me and said, “If I was going to build a little log cabin, it would be right here.  If you want, you’re more than welcome to build your cabin here.”  That’s the kind of best friend I am blessed to have now in Echo Bay.  Tears of thankfulness always fill my eyes when I think of that day.

So please, meet my community and the land I call home…


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Places to Stay and Things to Do in Echo Bay:

Echo Bay EcoVentures

Pierre’s at Echo Bay Marina

Sea Rose Studios

Salmon Coast Field Station

The Paddler’s Inn

Blackfish Sound Lodge

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