Welcome to Echo Bay – Pop. 12

I first rowed into this community 10 years ago while surviving off the land for 18 months.  I never thought I would live here then, but coming to Echo Bay once a month to mail a letter home and tell my mother I was alive, was like having a birthday party and opening Christmas presents all in one day.  My friend Micah, my feral cat Scout and I were welcomed into this community with open arms and hearts.  They called us “The Kids” and it was a big news event when we were spotted rowing in from our 8-15 hour trip.  We always had exciting new stories to share.  Echo Bay is like a microcosm of humanity and a beautiful teacher, who never stops entertaining in the most wacky and wonderful ways.

When I left home for my survival trek I never dreamed I would want to stay in the wilderness when the trek was over, but I found myself crying under my favorite tree when I was saying good-bye.  The wilderness and my wild ways transformed me.  After two weeks living in my mother’s downtown apartment I was ready to return to the home I had intimately come to know and love.  For two years, I became a caretaker for a friend’s lodge, trying to reintegrate into modern life.  My longing and need for true freedom set me on my way to live my next big dream of building a log cabin.  I visited Billy Proctor, the local legend of Echo Bay and grandfather I always dreamed of having.  If anyone could give me advice on buying my first chain saw, cutting down a tree and dragging it out of the forest, Billy was the man.  After sharing my dream with him, he said, “Come on, I want to show you a place.” When we came to best view on his property, we just stood there side-by-side taking in the beautiful view.  He turned to me and said, “If I was going to build a little log cabin, it would be right here.  If you want, you’re more than welcome to build your cabin here.”  That’s the kind of best friend I am blessed to have now in Echo Bay.  Tears of thankfulness always fill my eyes when I think of that day.

So please, meet my community and the land I call home…


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Places to Stay and Things to Do in Echo Bay:

Echo Bay EcoVentures

Pierre’s at Echo Bay Marina

Sea Rose Studios

Salmon Coast Field Station

The Paddler’s Inn

Blackfish Sound Lodge


  1. Danielle Folk

    This sounds like the dream I’ve always wanted someone taking me under their wing and being so kind to offer a piece of land to make a home. Those are the truest of friends the real people in this world. I hope to visit echo bay someday. I was looking for places to go off grid and live off the land, I came across the name and thought I would research it, this story makes me feel right at home already. I hope maybe I will meet you one day.

    • We are down to 9 people now! Echo Bay is always looking for new people. Hope to see you here one day. And yes, Billy Proctor is the best friend I have ever known. I am truly blessed. All the very best to you on moving towards and making your wilderness dream come true.

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