This is not your typical wilderness adventure tour, trying to reconnect you with Nature in a whirl wind of click click camera sounds and sights of our favorite, charismatic mega-fauna, nor a retreat seminar of lectures and meditations in a hotel meeting room.

We offer you a QUEST  –  without the missing links 



  • The hidden secrets of the natural world
  • Truths of survival – whether in the wilderness or city
  • Gifts from our primitive past
  • Scientific studies of the mind
  • Paths to the miraculous
  • Gourmet, wild harvested meals
  • Crafts and tools of the ancient artisan
  • Your I AM Energy and the truth of who you are

Open up to:

  • Uncover hidden abilities and forgotten, ancient instincts
  • Learn techniques for body control, medicinal plant remedies
  • Expand your sensory awareness
  • Strengthen your connection with Nature
  • Regain your self-sufficiency
  • Overcome fears
  • Honor the traditional territories of the Musgamaw Dzawada’enuxw First Nation


Through custom-tailoring, hands-on skill training, inspiring storytelling, cutting-edge environmental education, expert instructors, extraordinary guest speakers and witnessing intimate encounters with the very wildlife who capture our hearts and feeds our fears, you will awaken to Nature’s surprising truths and discover the wild within.

Becoming Wild:   1. to live in an original natural state; in the real world; in real life

                                                             2. not tamed


I discovered the true, pure meaning of Becoming Wild while surviving and thriving off the land and sea for 18 months with stone tools and primitive technology.  When I returned from the wilderness and stepped back into the privileged, city-life I had walked away from, I saw the world through new eyes and very quickly I couldn’t find my bliss anymore or the true-hearted happiness and freedom I felt in the wild.  It was as if I had stopped really living.  When I lived with nothing – I had everything and when I went back to having everything – I was missing all that mattered.  I understood and was proof of Chief Seattle’s prophetic statement he made in 1854, on the future of humanity, stating, “This is the end of living and the beginning of survival”.

I ran back to the wilderness…

It took me many years to find this rare and powerful balance between the ancient and modern worlds, to become a bridge for others, for becoming wild is not solely about returning to the old ways, it’s about honoring and weaving the best of our new technologies with the wisdom of the past. Becoming Wild is about embodying bold courage, wonder, awe and gratitude.  It’s living with passion, trusting your inner knowing and following your biggest dreams.

Now I want to share these forgotten truths, lost skills and feelings of freedom with you, which not only enrich our modern lives, but can lead the way for global change on our planet.


The Quest & Activities

It is difficult to provide a detailed list of activities, itineraries or guarantees.  With our detailed registration form, we do our best to customize the Quests for each individual as much as possible, to try to help make everyone’s wilderness dreams & personal awakening a reality.   During your stay with us, you are experiencing life following the rhythms of Nature, where schedules and activities are dictated by the tides, weather, boating conditions, migration patterns and our intuition.  This is your chance to Escape, Rejuvenate and Unplug – to live in the moment.  The very nature of a Quest is one of mystery, to be led into the unknown.  You’re about to embark on a “Hero’s Journey” as mythologist, Joseph Campbell called it.  And yes, you are a hero, though you may not see it now.

The Hero’s journey is an archetypal pattern that forms the underlying structure of every story ever told, including the story of our own lives.  This is why most of us imagine and long to embark on this True Quest of our own, to set forth from common days and ordinary life, overcoming the doubts, obligations and price-tags of our dreams, to seek a mysterious land of adventures, tests, sacred ceremonies and rewards.  A Quest fulfills a “lack” or “missing piece” felt in life, it restores something stolen and returns the hero with The Treasures of the Forest, never to be the same again.

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For July 9-14 2017 & Sept 10-15 2017 in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest B.C.



“We had a life experience spending a week with Nikki.” -R.F.

“I can say unequivocally, that my week long adventure with Nikki is the most unforgettable time I have spent in my four summers of exploring coastal British Columbia.” C.S.