A Whale Named Google

I’m thrilled and thankful to say I officially named a humpback whale.  I’ve been trying for years.  As far as wilderness type goals go, this is like bringing home a gold medal.  I introduce you to little Google…


A lot of stacked up miracles took place to make this happen.  I don’t believe in coincidences.  Nothing in the Universe happens by Chance.  Chance is merely a word used when one cannot perceive or understand the chain of causes and effects and the power of our will.  I’m always studying, dissecting and analyzing moments of manifestation.  I asked myself, “Why did this event take so long to happen? What were the factors that may have caused all the pieces to fall into place at this time? How were my feelings different?  I realized a key difference in my thought patterns.

I added a new reason for naming a whale; I wanted to do it for someone else too, to give thanks to a new friend who offered me some help. Studies have shown that when we want to achieve something in honor of someone else or for reasons other than our own gain, we have a much higher success rate.  Our thoughts can never become things unless they are clothed with feeling and this new focus gave me a newly charged energy, bursting with excitement.  The game of searching ceased to be somewhere drifting in the back of my mind with the attitude of, “I know it’ll happen sometime” and suddenly moved to the big screen out front, with the attitude of, “I’m so thankful this moment is happening”.

And a big thank you to the Marine Education and Research Society, who has been documenting the return of the humpbacks to northeastern Vancouver Island since 2004, for their huge contribution to providing research, education and conservation efforts to these mighty, gentle giants.  Last year 68 individuals were identified in the region – a huge comeback from their once near extinction from the Broughtons.

I was fortunate enough to watch Jigger and her new baby for over two hours, as they circled around a tiny island I was standing on, exploding out of the water over and over while feasting on herring.  I saw them again a few weeks later and by now they may be making their way back to the warm waters of Hawaii.  Safe travels you two.

To view the video click on the title above…


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