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Bears & Furry Friends

black bear plum eater-001

My intimate encounters with the animals

who touch our hearts and feed our fears.




Eagles & Birding

eagle from cabin perched-001

Discover the extraordinary world of birds, their unique language

and all of our abilities to soar.




 Whales & Ocean Wonders

orca boy-003

Swim, dive, surf and play with the colorful underwater world

and the mighty, majestic creatures who live there.




Ladybugs & Insect Visitors


I’m bringing smiles and wonder to the insect world

and when I lose it, a little foot stomping at times too.




Fearless Adventures

Nikki and boat cadillac fish-002

By becoming wild and opening your heart to the world

with a bold, fearlessness, full of gratitude and love,

all our dreams come true and more.





Animal Tracking


Tracking takes you into a whole new world,

it opens your awareness and senses to new heights,

allowing you to become that which you follow.




Edible & Medicinal Plants

rice root lily-001

Step into the green world and discover

the incredible gifts of the plant kingdom,

to reclaim your ancient knowledge of herbal lore.




Wild Gourmet Cooking Show



Welcome to Daisy’s off-grid kitchen…

no fridge, no freezer, no stove, no propane hot water tank,

just one wood stove and amazing wild recipes.




Primitive Survival Skills

Jamie Scarrow Photography

Follow in the footsteps of the ancients,

as you reconnect to the natural world

and our place within it, as a caretaker

of the land in the truest sense.




Life Off-the-Grid

solar panels-001

If you’re thinking about moving to the wilderness,

I suggest taking a closer look at the dirty, hard-working, hair-pulling,

head-shaking truth of what life is like, living-off-the grid.