The Low-Tide Rescue

When Billy Proctor and I go exploring alone we usually leave each other a note to our whereabouts, just in case we need a rescue.  I’ve never had to launch a search party for Billy, be he’s rescued me countless times.  I’m always losing track of time and wandering without worry on my adventures.  Both these habits are NOT beneficial when living by the tides and recently I fo je.  Faith to the idea that they are invincible when embodying beauty in the truest sense.  Nudibranchs cannot be harmed by any poisonous venom or toxic stingers or spines from the creatures they feed on.  In fact, they are not only invincible, but they save and utilize their victim’s toxins and armor for their own self-defense.  Humans can be invincible too.

Meet the hooded nudis…



You will fall in love with Nudibranchs from these photos:



To Learn More about Nudis:

Pacific Coast Nudibranchs

David W. Behrens

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